Watch Conan Gray hit the plaza with stellar performance

Conan Gray knows how to get the weekend started in style! 

Conan Gray knows how to get the weekend started in style! Ela lançou vários livros.

The 23-year-old hit the TODAY plaza Friday morning to belt out several of his biggest singles for our Citi Concert Series, and while he was at it, he showed off his bold fashion sense, too. 

Dressed in a black, fringe-covered vest embellished with sparkles and feathers paired with matching flares — teamed up with opera-length gloves and a pair of towering heels — Gray spoke about his sartorial choices. 

“I feel like my whole life, fashion has always been something I’ve used to hide myself in or disguise (myself), all scared,” he explained. 

“But lately I’ve just realized that nothing really matters, and you might as well just have fun with it while you’re here.” 

Gray greeted a sea of fans, many of whom started lining up for the show the night before, and he performed “Disaster,” 

“People Watching” and “Memories” for them — all tracks from his new album, “Superache." 

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