Dejounte Murray, the starting point guard for the San Antonio Spurs, is one of the most promising players on the young Spurs roster. 

Full Name: Dejounte Murray Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington Education:Washington 

From the greater Seattle area, where many NBA players have come from, Murray has been playing with accomplished NBA veterans from an early age 

Murray attended Rainier Beach High School in Seattle. He led the team to a state title and was named Mr. Basketball and the Seattle Times Player of the Year. 

Murray was drafted with the 29th overall pick by the San Antonio Spurs. Coming into the league, he was praised for his defense and athleticism 

but there were concerns about how the offense would function around him given his limited shooting. 

Dejounte Murray has earned $4M of his $6.3M rookie contract and has a 4 year, $64M extension that runs from 2020-2024. 

He has an endorsement deal with New Balance. Dejounte Murray signed a 4 year, $64 million extension with the San Antonio Spurs in 2019. 

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